Blocked Drains

If you’re suffering from a blocked drain or toilet in your home or business call Mitch at Amaroo Plumbing. We use a High-Pressure Water Blaster to clear your drains. Our Jetter is designed to blast away tree roots, dirt, debris and sludge that may have been caked on the insides of your pipes for years. With water pressure of up to 5000psi, it can even get rid of tree roots that have grown inside a pipe. Often we don’t realize there is a problem until our sinks start to gurgle and the water doesn’t get away as it should or the toilet fills up with water and doesn’t flush away properly or at all! If you notice any of the above happening at your place, give us a call and we will quickly take care of those blocked drainage and sewer pipes.

Toilet Repairs

We can install repair and maintain pipes and fittings that are associated with the removal of sewage from the home.

Hot Water System Installation & Hot Water Unit Repairs

Amaroo can provide services to support hot water repairs, services, replacements and new installations of gas and electric hot water systems. Mitch is qualified and licensed to carry out the installation and repair of your hot water system.

Water Plumbing

Installing, repairing and maintaining pipes and fittings that transfer hot and cold water. This includes plumbing installation.

General Plumbing & Maintenance

We can repair anything from a leaking tap to a burst water pipe to a running toilet.

We proudly service homes and business in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Hunter and Upper Hunter for Domestic and Commercial customers.

Our maintenance services include repairs and installations.

· Leaking taps & showers – service, repairs and installation

· Running toilets repairs and replacements

· Water saving devices

· Burst pipes

· Water meter repairs

· Electric, gas & hot water systems – repairs and installation

· Roof & gutter cleaning services and gutter guard installation

· Gas bayonets, cooktops, ovens & heaters – service and installation

· Stormwater & sub soil drainage solutions

· Leaking shower repairs

· Rainwater tanks, pumps & grey water solutions

· Thermostatic mixing valve service and testing

· Backflow prevention devices – commission and maintain backflow devices

· Bathroom, kitchen & laundry renovations